25 Ideas for Student Whiteboard Video Projects

If you have been reading through my e-newsletter for a long time, you could possibly realize some of the content of this publish. That&#8217s mainly because this is an update to 1 of the all-time most popular editions of my newsletter.

Decades in the past apps like Educreations helped to popularize producing whiteboard-type educational films. Now, screencasting applications like Screencastify and Google&#8217s Chrome screencast resource along with Microsoft Flip’s whiteboard instrument make it straightforward to create a whiteboard model video clip in your web browser. Regardless of the tool made use of, the simple premise is to draw on a blank display when speaking at the same time.

Often academics make whiteboard movies to use as classes for their college students to observe independently. But obtaining college students make movies can be a excellent way to master what they know about a subject and how they believe about a matter. Right here are twenty 5 subjects that you could have your pupils make whiteboard video clips about.


  • Why volcanoes erupt
  • The water cycle
  • Ocean tides
  • Tectonic plates
  • Inertia


  • Including and subtracting fractions
  • The Pythagorean theorem
  • Slope intercept type
  • Compound fascination
  • Prolonged division

Social Scientific tests

  • Ranked decision voting
  • Branches of federal government
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Map projections
  • Gerrymandering

Language Arts

  • Sections of speech
  • Phonics lessons
  • Plot structure
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Forms and structures of poems


  • Principles of many athletics
  • Bass clef and treble clef
  • How to browse a clock
  • Verb conjugation
  • How wi-fi networks function

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