The Best of Trending in Ed - Adi Hanash on Making Amazing Live Online Learning Happen

The Best of Trending in Ed – Adi Hanash on Making Amazing Live Online Learning Happen

For this installment of the Ideal of Trending in Ed, we return to Mike Palmer’s conversation with Adi Hanash about what will make terrific live online instructing recorded in the early days of the initially wave of Covid-19. When 2+ pandemic years have passed due to the fact the first recording, there is nonetheless a good deal of perception in a single of our most listened-to episodes. We hope you get pleasure from!

Adi Hanash is a virtuoso online teacher with deep practical experience in training, schooling academics, and managing on line packages for big businesses like Normal Assembly and Kaplan. In mild of the quick change to distant discovering (and instructing) pushed by the covid-19 pandemic, Adi is managing a series of webinars to offer lecturers and learning leaders with insights from more than 12+ several years of encounter providing incredible online experiences. We dive into substantially of this in today’s demonstrate.

While lamenting how the conventional conception of “webinars” is restricting, we investigate how training on the web unlocks new options to travel accountability and engagement. We also converse about the transformative electrical power of having a platform-agnostic and decidedly non-technological technique to innovating all around synchronous studying.

We near by exploring how the response to the coronavirus is a forcing purpose and possibly a watershed instant in the being familiar with of what can be done on the net. In the process, Adi shares some suggestions and methods on how to make the most of the quick worldwide shift to teaching on-line.

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