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The Torment of Cassidy Hutchinson: To Tell the Truth Or Not?

If you viewed the hearings of the January 6 Committee, you may well agree that the most powerful testimony arrived from a young girl named Cassidy Hutchinson, who was a prime aide to Mark Meadows, Trump’s main of personnel.

She testified that Trump knew he misplaced the election. She explained Trump’s fury when he heard that Invoice Barr reported that Trump lost the election: Trump threw his hamburger at the wall and splattered ketchup in all places. This was not a just one-time event, she stated. Other occasions he ripped the tablecloth off, throwing anything on it to the floor.

She described the tales she had heard about Trump demanding to be pushed to the Capitol to lead the rise up, then physically battling with his driver when the Magic formula Provider would not permit him go.

Her testimony was by considerably the most remarkable of the hearings.

What we did not know was the extended internal battle that she endured when faced with the selection of whether or not to explain to the truth of the matter or to follow the information of her Trump crew law firm, who recommended her to say, “I never recall.” If she said practically nothing, she would have a occupation in Trump planet. She would be taken care of. It sounds like a Mafia motion picture.

Her Trump lawyer Stefan Passantino would not notify her who was paying him, but she assumed it was Trump.

Passantino, Hutchinson testified, advised her the target with her testimony was to “get you in and get you out.”

“Keep your answers quick, sweet, and simple, 7 words or less,” Passantino said, for every Hutchinson’s testimony. “The significantly less the committee thinks you know, the much better, the a lot quicker it is likely to go. It’s going to be pain-free. And then you’re likely to be taken care of. You’re going to be done. It’s going to be off your fingers.”

She made the decision she experienced to tell the truth. She had to have her own law firm.

Her determination to testify—and the strain put on her not to testify—is documented in the January 6 report.

Jake Tapper experiences it in this article, and it is a powerful tale of a woman with a conscience. A woman who made a decision she experienced to testify in truth.