UFT Leadership Says Letting City Pay Less=Improved Health Care

UFT Leadership Says Letting City Pay Less=Improved Health Care

You can transform on Tucker Carlson, if you have a powerful adequate tummy, and see men and women remark on the Club Q shooting. If only we would stop this evil agenda of gender-affirming care, they say, this would prevent occurring. 

So we want to end protecting these people, and then they would not be attacked any more. Absolutely sure. That helps make perception.

Making use of comparable logic, UFT leadership tells us we require to revise the metropolis code to let the town to shell out fewer dollars for our overall health care. It can be a good issue, they say, that the metropolis isn’t going to have to pay back so considerably for the wellbeing care we be expecting and perform for. You see, if we only let them invest considerably less, our well being care will be much better

Sorry, but if they fork out a lot less, does not it stand to motive that we will shell out a lot more? Failed to management just go to the mattresses for a plan that would have cost retired couples countless numbers further?

That is heresy, they say. If you dare dilemma this logic, you’re ruining issues for everyone. When this point blows up, it will be all your fault.  Right after all UFT leadership tried using to warn you the only way to get superior well being care was to allow the metropolis to spend a lot less to assist it.

On Fb, a really compensated UFT formal tells comprehensively uncompensated HS Government Board member Nick Bacon that, if we will not allow the city to pay out a lot less toward our wellness treatment, the metropolis will impose a quality on all in-services users. Also, they will dump all retirees into a lone Edge system. This is a sample of how he speaks to Nick, who desires to preserve the wellbeing care retirees have earned and appreciated for many years:

Your malcontent character will in no way allow for you to see the good and helpful. You could be given a bar of gold and would be upset you were not presented two. It is fruitless to have interaction a individual like that.

(Should not it be like you?) Let’s ignore about this guy’s failure to keep a simple issue. Let us even overlook the actuality that this male, inspite of indicating it is not worthy of it, is partaking anyway. (Passive-intense much?) This same union employee, along with numerous other individuals, was incredibly lately leaping up and down declaring an Benefit strategy would be the bestest issue ever. But that was then and this is now. Why can not we be good troopers and forget now?

You’d consider management assumed we all just fell off the tomato truck from Jersey. They modify their tune and improvise a new a person on the fly. Then they demand we all dance to it or there will be consequences

This is not the sort of treatment we ought to have from union leadership. We shell out their salaries and they get the job done for us. In simple fact, this is the kind of treatment method I expect from abusive supervisors. Continue to, I have considerable experience currently being verbally abused by union staff. In 2005, we handed the worst agreement I might ever viewed, providing up legal rights to grieve letters to file, and agreeing to get the job done for a longer time hrs for additional money even though pretending it was a increase. (A raise is when you get the job done the same time for much more income.) There were being other lowlights I no lengthier recall, but I try to remember particular insults galore. 

Advertisement hominem is the rational fallacy of own attack. Which is what you do when you have no argument and/ or minor imagination. You assault your opponent. You mischaracterize arguments, far more sensible fallacy. You notify individuals they are hazardous. You issue appeals to worry (as the UFT formal did here) to frighten your opponents into line. 

Only it isn’t going to perform. Retirees are horrified that their wellness treatment is in jeopardy. The simple fact is the Edge plan, in spite of specific assurances normally by the UFT President, was not acknowledged by all health professionals that approved Medicare. Also, it was largely not valuable to customers who’d moved exterior of NY or Florida. There would have been an virtually $5,000 once-a-year cost to hold the wellness care they anticipated. This is a major expense for folks living on a fastened income. Think about how that would’ve impacted paraprofessionals and decrease-paid DC37 staff.

As a prospective retiree, I have a really unique recommendation about what this union formal can do with this “bar of gold.”

I am going to refrain from posting that below. I’ll just say the only point that in fact protects us from exorbitant service fees, regardless of whether we are in services or retired, is Administrative Code 12-126. It can be time for management to get off their high horse and acknowledge the 2018 health and fitness care offer, the one they created with no input in any way from us, was a magnificent blunder. Then, they require to begin doing work for us for a change. 

Make no mistake–that’s their career.

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